Guys please tell me 7 ways to show love to a lady?

Am confuse on how to show love to ladies because all my is useless to the ladies here in Nigeria


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  • Here's 7 ways I'd express my love to her!

    1) Devote your time with them:
    When you spend time with a woman you love, she'll appreciate the fact that you are prioritizing your time to be with her over anything/anyone else! Women love to feel special and important; what could be better than to show you're interested in her by being with her?

    2) Present them with a homemade gift made by you:
    Whether if this is in the form of a card you wrote expressing your feelings and gratitude for them, a plushie that is specifically exclusive to only something you two would know or surprising them with a little home decoration; anything that's unique and comes from your heart shows how much you love them!

    3) Respecting her boundaries:
    When you accept a woman's boundaries on what's ok or not, you're respecting them in being kind and thoughtful. Women will always appreciate a man who isn't trying to force himself in but rather being courteous to what she wants. This shows you are prioritizing her desires over yours.

    4) Being there for her through rain and sunshine:
    A man who isn't afraid of seeing a woman's best and worst moments shows he's not afraid of her true colors. A lot of men may coward away from any kind of emotional moment or problematic situation but a man who's mature and steps up to her emotions without breaking down really cares about her feelings and her as a person.

    5) Remembering what she loves:
    Taking the time to asking what her favorites things are including restaurants to eat at, where she loves to go for entertainment and stuff she loves to buy shows you're interested in her and trying to make a great impression! She'll also notice that you were paying attention and that you invested your time in getting to know her when you take her out to her favorite places and purchase things she loves!

    6) Opening up to trying new things together:
    When a guy isn't afraid of getting creative and tries to plan ahead for new experiences, she will love how much effort you're putting into planning ahead for future events and opening up to new activities with her so the experiences with her don't become stale from repetitive activities.

    7) Being open and honest about each other's feelings:
    One of the strongest foundations for a healthy friendship/relationship is establishing trust. When you both can openly express each other's feelings and emotions with one another, it's a comforting feeling knowing you both accept each other including the flaws you both have.

  • Respect, honest , trustworthy, adventurous, funny, kind, and loves to have sex!


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