Should I text him first? The dates progressed too quickly and now I am scared he is not interested.

Should I text him ? I met a guy. he lavished me with text messages, attention, trying to see me all the time, take me out to dinner, and etc. We slept together on the 3rd date (very fast for me). My guard was up the 1st time we slept together. however,The 2nd time sleeping with him was different. I began to like him even there were a few red flags and a condom scare (I was on my period so I am safe according to doctor). He did mail me after the 2nd time, but the quality was different.

I wished him good night via phone call for no reason that night as I got home because when he was pursuing me, he was called all the time,wished me good morning, and good night. I decided to do it. it was an awkward exchange. I feel bad now, like I came off desperate.

I want to text him a simple "How are you?" because I haven't heard from all nothing and I know he is busy with work. But he was texting me before with his busy work schedule. nothing?

Should I text him first or let him? How long should I go if I don't get a message? forget ?


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  • If you want to text him, do it. I realize we all over-analyze these things, but he's not likely going to look at it that way. Basically, he'll see it for what it is: you're thinking of him and wanted to say hi. If he likes that and wants to talk to you, he'll reply and you'll be back on track. If he wants to dump you, he'll ignore you and you'll have your answer. You're merely moving things along faster, because there is no way you are going to change a guys' mind to like you if he doesn't, or to make him not like you if he does, simply by saying "hi".


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  • I would advise against texting because texting creates so many problems. What if he doesn't respond? Then you are waiting and waiting, or he says something ambiguous and you try to decipher what it means.

    Rather, I'd recommend you wait until the evening and then give him a ring. If he doesn't pick up, just tell him you look forward to talking with him soon. He'll call you back (or at least should).

    In terms of being desperate, if you are that's a problem. But if you aren't, then don't worry about appearing so.

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  • Don't make things too complicated. Just go with the flow. It's okay to initiate a texting convo. If you want to talk to him, just send him a message, It's that simple. What you DON'T do is send followup messages saying "did you get my message?" or "are you going to reply?" THAT'S when you'd start to look desperate. If he doesn't respond to you that day, just try to strike up a convo the next day. No "WHY DIDN'T YOU TEXT ME BACK?! RAWR D:<" or any of that sh*t. There's nothing stupider than fighting over "why didn't you repsond quicker?!"


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  • You need to just relax, its only been on day without contact. Texting him first isn't bad idea at all but I would wait a day, don't seem pushy by always having to talk to him especially if you know he's busy. But the reason why he's acting that way is because he slept with you already. When a guy is pursing a girl he texts and calls and does all the nice sweet things to get to what he wants. Once he gets what he wants things change regardless of how "guarded" you were. It doesn't mean that he doesn't want you or like you, it just means that they way that he pursues you now is going to be different then how it was before.

    • Thats can have a big impact on things and a lot when you have it too early