When are you ready to date again?

OK so I split with my girlfriend like a month ago and have been a real mess since. She was the first girl I loved and I'm still struggling to come to terms with the split.

She has recently started seeing someone new which has made me feel awful as I guess deep down I was hoping we'd get back together.

My question is how long should you wait before you start dating?

I know I'm not over her and find it hard to see girls in any way other than friends but I'm lonely and miss the companionship of a partner.

Should I just jump back into dating and see if something develops with a girl even if I'm not really into her or stay single if until the hurt feelings are gone?

I feel like if she is moving on then so should I.


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  • i feel to cry for you man lol I really do lol...but I'm a man...so I won't ¬_¬

    the only way to get over a partner for me...is to have many short term partners after...thats just what works for me. Only a girl can heal the wound left by another girl, vice versa..

    the more girls you expose yourself to the more you realize that you can be attracted to other girls, and how everyones different in their own way..but still have a shine about them...obviously you won't see that right now because your minds been poisoned by betrayal and your hearts bleeding love *to quote a song* lol

    doesnt seem like it now, but trust me with time it gets better..by time I mean at least a year, us guys feel real love, unlike women!...dont force yourself to try and move on, it will happen and it will slowly get better, but things always gets worse before it can be allowed to get better.


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  • There is no correct answer here, except that whenever you feel you are ready. You don't want to start seeing someone new if you still are not over your ex. Give yourself time to appreciate the good times you had with your ex, and also time to come to terms that the relationship is no more. Truth is, you'll never forget your first love. No one does! But there are plenty of other fish in the sea, so sitting at home pining over ONE fish of the many billion out there is pointless. Throw yourself into your hobbies or pick up a new one, hang with your friends more, pick up a new book, anything to get your mind off your old relationship. Once you start getting YOUR life back together without her in it, you'll start to appreciate the fact that you don't NEED her to survive...then you'll be ready to find another lover. Good luck man, sorry things didn't work out.


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  • What ever feels right with you, plain and simple. I usually get over an ex by sleeping with 10 other random women. It completely clears me of the feelings I had. But I can tell you're not that type of person. I guess you can get back into dating but just tell them you're not ready for anything to serious just yet and that you'll see where it goes and If she's into that then you can keep dating.

    And don't worry it's o.k to feel the way you do about what happened but if you don't do something about it, it could start to consume you and make things worse. So deal with the problem, before it deals with you.

    That's a simple answer. I would write something more substantial, but I decided to go with, an easy answer for an easy question:)

    Hope that helps

    -Ace. Future life and dating coach