If I should date this guy or not?

So there is this guy who is a freshman and I'm an 8th grader and we ride the same bus. He told me over the summer that he liked me last year and still likes me. We talk almost all summer, but then he asked me out and I HAD to say no because I was going out of town with my friend. Then he didn't ask me out again and we kinda quit talking for awhile. Then out of the blue he texts me and we start flirting again, then I told him about my Friend and who knows why but somehow I got off topic and told him her bra size and then he started hitting on her, that hurt me a lot then he stopped hitting on her. He would text me one day then text me the next and then I would text him the next day and he wouldn't answer for about a week or more and then he would text me again randomly and every time no matter what even if I was upset or mad I would text him back. I still do. Then he got a girlfriend and quit texting me and wouldn't even look at me on the bus. Then he dumped her and then got another girl and dumped her. Then he started texting me again and this happened over and over. Now he has a girlfriend and doesn't think I know about her and is flirting with me and is even sitting near me on the bus now, and is saying he is going to kiss me and try to pull my shirt down... Which I don't mind either of those and I'm not some slut or tramp or anything just I wouldn't mind as long as no one can see and last night we sorta kinda maybe had fone sex and I really like him, but I don't want him to play me if I did date him or hit on other girls... So my question is does her REALLY like me is that why he is still flirting with me even though he has a girlfriend or is he just using me to in some words get off?

Oh, and all of my friends say I shouldn't date him, even the guy friends although one of the guy friends likes me, but still none of my girls that are my friends like him...

Please help I really don't know what to do


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  • Date him.


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