Stubble irritates my skin... while kissing?

My boyfriend shaves everyday, but his stubble still irritates my face while we're kissing/making out. Mostly it rubs against my upper lip, and gives me a sort of pink looking "rug burn". (Which is hard to hide!) I've told him about it, and he makes sure to shave... but it still happens. Any suggestions?


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  • You know, it sounds like his mustache just grows SUPER fast. If you can talk him into this (because most guys would think that this is too girly), but I think it would help if you could wax his face. Just buy one of those Sally Hansen boxes of wax sheets from the store, you can do it at home. Wait until his hair grows a little bit (like a few days) and then do it at home. Once his hair is waxed, it will take longer for it to grow back (unlike shaving). Also, the more and more you wax, his hair on his face will get softer.

    • Haha, thanks for the suggestion! But I doubt he'll go for that. He's a cowboy and wouldn't subject himself to something so "feminine"... but thanks anyway :)