Guys; what is the reaction of receiving an uncompleted kiss?

I kissed this guy the other day, I'm seeing quite a while now. I felt like a such a failure. I couldn't go through with the kiss completely, I backed off, right after our lips met and I felt the tip of his tongue. I felt clueless, like I didn't know how to do it.

And he wanted to try again and leaned in a couple of times but I couldn't even try, so afraid of failing. Though we did "kiss" an additional kiss, besides the good nighter, that also he insisted on. I told him I've never kissed, and when he asked why I didn't want to, I replied that I didn't want to suck (as in fail).

I don't know, I really like him, but I got so nervous, and it scared me.. Tell me what he's thinking! Will he call me, or will he ignore me?


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  • He's thinking maybe you aren't really into him, or that you're just a goofy spaz.

    Just be glad you're a girl - guys don't really give a crap if girls are awkward as long as they're hot.

  • If a girl did that with me I'd think she wasn't attracted to me.


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