Guys, how do I know a guy's intentions (without asking him directly) when he starts a conversation with me?

How do I know a guy’s intentions (without asking him directly) when he randomly starts a conversation with me and starts talking to me? Like how can I tell the difference between if he is interested in developing a normal/regular platonic non-romantic/sexual friendship with me or if he is interested in developing a relationship with me and wants to date me and be sexual/romantic/flirty/physical with me? Like I know that there are signs. If he asks me a lot about myself and compliments me a lot and flirts with me, I know that must mean he is interested/attracted to me in a sexual/romantic way. But if he doesn’t flirt and doesn’t compliment me, does that mean he just talks to me because he enjoys talking to me and wants to get to know me better as a friend and develop a normal/regular non-sexual/romantic friendship with me? What do you guys think?


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  • Either can lead to a realtionship, someone who is shy or wants to get to know you better might start of just being friends, and eventuallly lead into a relationship allthough its hard crossing over and can be weird which is why most choose to be upfront, flirt, sexual tension, physical touch etc to avoid the friend zone...


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  • For me, I don't know when I just start talking to a girl what kind of relationship I want to have with her if any at all. So anything can happen.

  • listen for hints


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  • You will have to wait for the friendship or relationship to continue, only then will you figure out his intentions. Just let it grow and see what happens.

    Assuming in the first couple of meet ups is not the way to go.

    Let things fall into place and you'll see :) I'm telling you, he will either give the signs to continue sexually or signs he just wants a friendship and you will honestly know :)

    All the best.