Little friendly kiss?

I have a friend who's been helping me with problems lately (she's a girl, I'm a guy, if you're wondering) and it's been an emotional experience. I'm just glad she's there for me and she listens to my problems.I don't know if I like her, just yet, but do you think it's cool if sometime I give her a hug and ask her something like, can I do something I've never done before? and even if she just says what, just give her a kiss on the cheek or something? because I really appreciate her, and if she thinks I meant it in a romantic way, then all the better?


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  • Well first off, let me start by saying how incredibly cute that is.. [:

    Now, getting back to your story. lol. I personally think a peck on the cheek would not push things; however, it may also open the door up for new opportunities. Your friend is obviously spending time talking with you, and giving advice because she cares. So I highly doubt if she'd be offended by your plans. And after the kiss, if she questions your motive, just say you wanted to thank her for everything. Then see where that gets you. If she's flattered then continue your conversation and sees what comes up. But if she seems a little nervous just talk with her so you can find out how she feels about you and hopefully do the same regarding your feelings for her. I hope everything works out; if it does let me know because I'm kind of in the same predicament myself. Good Luck! [:

    • thank you! and I will.

  • Does she ever show any signs that she likes you?

    But yea, do it! =)

    • actually, to the contrary, signs usually tell me that she doesn't like me

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    • upon thinking hardly about it, I think I am interested. but there's some things about this girl that ...not that I don't like, but I really think are peculiar. so I don't know what to do. this thing is more confusing than I thought

    • If you are not sure, its best to skip least for the time being. =P

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