How should I go about kissing him for the first time?

We have been kind of going out, not really because my parents don't approve, but we still cuddle and hold hands and stuff. We've talked about it and I said when the moment is right. This will be my first kiss and I don't know how to go in for it. Help me !


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  • I think that you should go for it its not that bad kissing is pretty easy. make sure you have good breath though and when yall are holding hands maybe put your head on his shoulders and reach up and go for it you don't have to use ur tongue for the first time but be pure about it. Make sure that you close your eyes. and just picture the people on t.v kissing I'm sure you will be amazing.

    or you could come out clean to him and tell him I have never kissed anyone do you mind helping me learing that way it give you a sence of hummor and it lets him know your interested in him

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