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Girl Chose a Known Serial Cheater Over Me?

I'm having a hard time an need any insight. There is this girl I was so crazy about. But I just don't understand her. She's always known I thought the world of her. There's been a lot of times that we've gotten along really well, but she was already in a relationship, so I just hung low. Recently after we really connected, she completely shut me out. Won't talk to me as much, etc. Just shut down...

Then there is this "other" guy who wants her. He's cheated on his ex wife multiple times (the girl I am talking about is aware of this), tried cheating on his ex- girlfriend after his wife, and the kicker: when he thought this girl I liked was asleep, went up to her and started feeling her up. As in REALLY feeling her up. She confronted him about it later but then just gave him a "pass" and was still all buddy buddy with him.

Now she found out he's single and is in a good position to "have him". She all of a sudden broke up with her long term boyfriend and asked this other guy out. Full well knowing his history of serial cheating, as well as him basically sexually assaulting her at night.

What is wrong with her? I don't want to do the whole nice guy syndrome rant, but it's confusing as crap that she'll ignore and shut out someone who truly cares for her but has no problem trying to be with a serial cheater who had no problem taking advantage of her What is her problem?
Girl Chose a Known Serial Cheater Over Me?
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