Where do good gals hang out now a days?

I'm tired of going to the club and seeing what looks like a bunch of sluts just shakin their ass for whoever wants to get up on it.

I'm ready for a relationship with someone on a more serious level and I am pretty much clueless where to find an attractive single girl that doesn't act like a slut. Any Suggestions?


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  • I'd like to know the same thing, but about guys lol

    I know what your saying, though. Sure you can meet girls at clubs, but none of them are girlfriend material, or at least they don't act like it. I'm done with the club scene as well because it's tired and kinda classless (at least in my mind). You could try bars, the gym, while your out running errands. You can meet nice girls anywhere .. well you can meet GIRLS anywhere. It's takes time to meet a nice girl. Theyre out there, but we're a dying breed :p

  • I have never been to the clubs before :( I feel like I'm missing out

    why don't you try talking to girls at your school? like class

    the park

    the mall has so much girls there but they usually travek in packs

    your job

    • Our city doesn't have a park lol as far as class, I'm in Automotives, not really a lot of gals there...and no, your not really missing out on a lot . . . drinks are too expensive and ya can't have any kind of conversation in there...better off getting a case and having fun with friends

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