Do girls hate boyfriends that hang out with them too much?

I'm thoroughly confused...because my girlfriend keeps on giving me what I think to be hints that she loves my company...but occasionally she'll say something like, " you don't spend enough time with me...

but I've noticed from my past relationships...

girls don't like to be smothered...

I'm still thoroughly confused...


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  • some girls love to be made centre of attention by their bf

    others, not so much

    i like my boyfriend to be around me as much as he can, but still have time for his friends

    so he divides his time between me nd his friends 50/50 :)

    that way, everyones happy :D


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  • it just depends for me, I don't want to spend all my free time with my boyfriend but I don't want to spend basically none so maybe just ask her.


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