Should I choose my ex boyfriend or new guy?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for 2 years. We broke up because he cheated a lot of times and I've had enough of it. I grew tired. We broke up two months ago. This month, I met the guy who messaged me in facebook before but I didn't entertained since I was very loyal to my now-ex-boyfriend that time. We realized we live very close. We met through our mutual friends. We learned that we have many mutuals, attended schools that both our schools have competition every year, and same tastes. We already crossed paths 4 years ago. He's very kind, funny, cute, gentleman, and respect for everyone. He already met my mother since we meet sometimes in our village. Now my ex boyfriend suddenly realized that he lost me. He begged and begged for me. He promised to change and do everything just for me. I still care for him. With the new guy, we already held hands many times and we know we're starting something already. But in a month, he will have to live in another city to study. I am feeling confused. Should I choose my ex or the new guy?
Should I choose my ex boyfriend or new guy?
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