What am I to him exactly?

It started out that I didn't want anything. We talk/text everyday. He's showed me pictures of his family, meet my friends, is very respectful...We just kind of did our own thing. When he heard I was going out on a date, he freaked, called all night, texted. Said he wanted me, to date me etc. Now a few months have went by, I have been an ass, I treated him very bad, pushed things to fast, and he always took it. He did start pulling back, make up excuses not to see me. He tells me he cares. He constantly asks if I am having sex with anyone and pretends he doesn't care. Swears I can do what I want. Swears he's not with anyone. He is there for me when I need to talk. He takes my crap. He tells me I am beautiful, he loves having sex with me. He's very respectful even when I am not. We have now had a long talk, I am truly sorry and want him. He says OK, he knows I care about him but doesn't want a girlfriend. I feel like we are at the beginning and I need to prove myself, not push, etc. What am I? Is there more feeling here or does he only see me as sex?


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  • You are on a rocky foundation for a relationship...you're FWB to him


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