Awkward answer to asking a guy to hang out?

today I took the initiative to inform the guy I like that I am interested in getting to know him better and hanging out. he suggested a lunch date, but than promptly said he did not know cause he has a busy schedule and has to see when he would be avaliable.

I took this as he was probably trying to let me off nicely, but than in class later in the day he was talking to me significantly more than he usually does.

He is extremely shy (to the point where he won't even look at people when he talks to them) so is it possible that I just came on to storng (even though I have known him over a year), or is he not interested?

I realize I can just wait and see, and I will know based on if I hear from him or not but I would love guys point of views

for more background on this guy just search my past questions


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  • I'm glad to know there are some girls out there that actually do initiate


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