Need first date advice?

How long do you think a good first date should last? I was planning on taking her to the driving range and then grabbing some sushi afterward. This would give us some time to loosen up, have some fun, and talk during dinner. I don't play any golf and have never picked up a golf club but would like to get into it. Figure it would be something we could both get into as a hobby if the relationship expands.

What would you girls think if I offered this as a first date? Any suggestions?


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  • How long I think It should last? It depends on what you are doing. Since you planned the day, just think how long all those activities are gonna take.

    My first date was at the movies.. and it ended when the movie ended.. jks. we got a bite to eat then yea, he drove me home.

    With first dates, I recommend it to not be too much.. like a lot of activities.. because it'll be tiring etc. Just take it easy. If your not good at golf don't add it to your list. Just do things you are comfortable with. I'm sure your day will go smoothly


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