Guys , do you have a height preference?

i dont have any height preference and never have been attracted to guys as short as 5'4 and as tall as 6'4 but it seems most guys aren't attracted to tall girls (i dont blame them its only natural for a girl to be petite and cute).
im 5'11 and i slouch , walk with my knees bent and do a lot of tricks and i end up looking 5'8 without it being too noticeable would you date a girl that looks 5'8 but actually isn't if you didn't find out? I've also considered surgery cus i want to be petite and cute. i mean really think about it would you rather date a petite and cute little ariana grande or a giant model with big feet and big hands? i have no height preference in men but really wish i was short so i could date all the guys that were intimidated. i think most guys find tall women unattractive because tall girls are huge and uncute. its just the way the world works.
Guys , do you have a height preference?
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