How do you tongue kiss?

When do you know to use your tongue?

What do you do with it?

For how long?

When is it appropriate?

ok next question - what determines whether or not your a good kisser


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  • dude I've never kissed a guy...but when you kiss a girl you can kiss her on the lip first and then stick your tongue out whenever and start liking hers and then invite hers to come...remember this is you how you want to do it just make your own pattern...

    • as in, like I'm licking ice cream or something?

    • yer like that...licking an ice cream, lollipop...what ever

    • my suggest lick her lips first to moisten it and then get her excited and invite her tounge

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  • Okay sorry this is not answeringing your question I just want to ask a guy a question

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    • Are you seriously going to keep udating this question. I wouldn't have answered if I knew you were. Updates suck.

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