What should I do? He didn't text after our first date?

So a few weeks ago I signed up on Tinder because I was curious and my friends and I thought it was funny. I didn't expect that I was gonna go on a date w/ s. o. So I started talking to this guy, Ben, and we quickly exchanged numbers. When we talked via text it was nice, but I'm not much of a texting person and I think he isn't either. So we texted and then I didn't reply because the conversation was "dead". And then I didn't hear from him for a week and then he texted me again. Then we texted for about 4 days, he even called me one night while he was drunk (very funny lol) and the next day he asked me if I wanted to hang out. We rarely flirted via text, which I thought was okay.
So we said we were gonna meet on Friday, I was gonna go meet him in the city that he lives in. When we talked about what we're gonna do he asked me if I wanted go to a party w/ him. I said no because I thought it was kinda weird because we never met! And it was okay for him so we decided to just hang out at his place and maybe watch a movie and drink some wine. On my way he texted me that he's usually not the person that gets nervous but he does feel nervous, and I was like yea I feel super nervous too and he said I shouldn't be worried and stuff. So long story short, we met, we went to his place, and at first we talked a lot and it was like a normal conversation. So I thought maybe he doesn't want to go any further and we're just gonna hang out. So we started watching the movie and he asked if I wanted to cuddle. So we cuddled and eventually we started making out. In the end we had sex, like two times, also oral sex and stuff. Then we were next to each other and he told me I had a pretty face and that he thought I was cute and stuff. He was very affectionate w/ me too. When we woke up, we had some oral sex again and we even kissed and stuff. He couldn't bring me to the train station but walked the first 10 mins with me. When we said goodbye he said "Text me if you're here again" and I laughe
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... and I laughed because I am never in his city. Then he said "You could show me your city sometime." and I was like yeah if you want to and he said yes. So I left and 10 minutes later he texted me "Sorry that I couldn't walk with you to the train station, I have to get my bus in 3 mins." And I was like yeah, don't worry, sorry if I took your time.
That was the last thing I heard from him and that was on Saturday. When we talked about Tinder he said he actually doesn't like this app bc it's
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for people who just wanna fuck. And he is very intelligent and nice and we talked a lot on our date.
And now I'm wondering, why didn't he text? Is he not interested? Should I text him? But then I'm way too shy to text and scared of rejection.
What should I do? He didn't text after our first date?
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