What's the best first date you have ever been on?

What's the best first date you have ever been on? (please don't spare details, did you kiss? etc.)


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  • The best first date I have ever been on would have to be with my current girlfriend, honestly (I'm not being corny here or anything).

    We had worked together the past summer and coming on to the end of the summer we were realizing that we liked each other a lot more than just as friends. Just as I had to go away for school we decided that we'd wait for each other, which leads me to coming home from school.

    She was waiting for me in the airport and as soon as I saw her I had run up and given her a huge hug. After getting my luggage and such off the corale, we were to go to her grandparents house for a few minutes as they wanted to meet me right away (they were going to Florida for 4 months, so I deemed to oblige). After that we went and got some food and went for a nice moonlit walk on the boardwalk down by the water, holding hands and talking and just playing around, being silly.

    On the drive back to my house we just held hands in the car, talking and laughing and reliving old memories of the summer past. After getting everything in the house and just watching TV for a few minutes she had to go home, so I walked her to her car, as we sat there in the awkwardness that can only be described as the moments before a first kiss - I leaned in, mid sentence, and gave her a soft kiss.

    It may not seem like much to anyone else, but having to wait 3.5 months just to see that one person, it was magical to me.

    • Personally I long for moments like what you just described