Is it possible for a guy to change his mind?

I asked this guy out and we've been talking more than we did before now, and he's asked too hang out after school with a group and me but I didn't text them back cause my phone was off so we never did :(, but even though he rejected me when I asked him out he said I knew you liked me could he change his mind about me

So he didn't actually ask me personally if he could come over, but his best friend texted me and asked if I was home but I didn't answer:( wish I had, but anyways they told me they were hanging out together and were gonna come over if I had answered cause
i had a friend over too, and we are all crush lives behind me I can see his house from my house,(neighbors are me my crush and his friend) I found this interesting cause we'd never three hung before but id hung with his friend


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  • He might change his and about you I don't know. However him asking you to hang out is a sign he likes you I wouldn't ask a girl to hang out unless I liked her or wanted to get to know her better but that's just me.


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