Why did she leave me on read?

Do yesterday i had this random girl on my snapchat i think i talked to her like once a whilllle ago. So i hit her up on snapchat yesterday and just started talking to her things where going pretty good all until i started asking questions like what's your favorite tv show and things of that nature. Her responses were shorter and she took longer to reoly and at one point in the night just left me on read. Soo then earlier this morning i just sent something random and funny and conversation started again but she was still slow to respond taking up to an hour sometimes or around there but a little while ago things picked up and i was just being funny and we were talking and she was replying quicker much more like yesterday but i was running out of stuff to talk about and we were on the topic of video games so I asked what her fav video games were and she left me on read again why is that like why did she seem to become uninterested everytime i asked a question? Cause this happens to me a lot i just wanna figure out a way around it i was actually talking to another girl the same day and something similar happen as well
Why did she leave me on read?
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