How to finally get him to understand?

so me and this guy were together for like 3months I realized I wasn't into him like I thought I was because the more I learned about him the more he turned me off which was 2 months ago...but anyways he's still obsessed with me and texts me nonstop and I RARELY respond to a text and I use the "I'm so busy" excuse when he tries to make plans and I even told him I just want to be friends and nothing else but he is still obsessive and gets do I finally let him know that I'm not interested in him and that I don't want to hangout cause I feel like that would be leading him on? HELP.


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  • wow. I'm in the exact same position you are. my ex boyfriend does not leave me alone ever! its been over a month that we've been broken up (because he cheated) and he still doesn't get the hint. I mean I totally ignore him and it kinda works but when he sees me he'll text me or come talk to me and that's hard. but I always just try to get him to like move I figure if he sees me with another guy he'll realize that its time to find another girl for himself and it worked for awhile but he's just so stubborn that he will text or call me. so maybe you should try that and just avoid him..delete his number out of your phone. I mean it's obvious he can't be friends with you yet so maybe he just needs space to get over you and see you with other guys can always help..hopefully.

    • yeah at least he's your ex ha ha me and this kid were just SEEING each other and he acts like this its crazy! if I even mention another guy I get 20 ?'s which I never responed too...and I am intrested in someone else now! I really like this new guy but this one I feel like is obssesive and controlling and its creepy to some extent..he goes on my friends facebooks and sees their statuses and then texts me its really weird. and he still texts me goodmorning beautiful nd it stresses me out lol ugh

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    • SUCH A TURNOFF like be a man not a little baby and have a backbone! lol its such unneeded stress and I can't be mean to him casue I feel so bad hahaha

    • yeahh I agreee. and then like last week my ex texted me because his grandfather fell down the steps or something and got taken to the hospital so then he tries to like guilt trip me into taking him back and its like back off..but I mean I can't be mean. so I totally understand your stress and I hate it.

  • I had a couple exs that continued that stuff for over 6 months! Just keep ignoring them and be a bitch if you have to and it will eventually stop

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