Any cute girls agree with the 11th man theory? any girls agree it's true?

It works like magic for me when I act on it. google it. is it true?

Well when ever I see a attractive girl that I find attractive and guys are around wanting her I usually can get her to like me. I've done it so often most of the time it works.
The first time I had it happen was in a gym. There was this cute girl sitting there and a pack of guys had her surrounded. I walked in looked at her not caring and got into the hot tub next to me. Everyone was shocked.
Some of them where big weightlifters She was overwhelmed by me. She gave me her number. This happens so many times. I never chase a girl. I'm just myself and everyone likes it. I don't know why but it works.


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  • I had never heard of the 11th man theory until you posted this and I googled it.

    I certainly don't think there is any "proof" that that is accurate to a degree (know what I mean?).

    But I do think that girls do like to be chased and men like to do the chase (not always true, but I do like the chase).

    Therefore if a guy is chasing me and proving me that he will win over my heart no matter what, that is the guy that wins. He wins over the guy that just doesn't seem to want to win over my heart, hands down!

    that ofcourse is just me.

    • It's not a game. It's about self respect. Girls are everywhere and all it takes is saying hi to a few more and you can meet anther one. I don't think it's about winning a girls heart over by chasing her. I think it's about finding one that takes your breath away... Chasing a girl without even knowing who she is can be a huge waste of time. To many girls lead guys on. It's quicker to meet many girls and have her see it, that wants you to meet her then to chase one that has guys all over her YUK

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  • personally I believe to an extent it is true,

    Partly because, guys who are too nice..lik in this case

    may seem a bit desperate.. that kinda turns off a girl..

    I kinda like a hard to get guy...

    • I like to be the guy who meets girls all the time. Is that hard to get?

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    • meeting girls doesn't mean**

    • what?...

  • I reckon it would work 90% of the time, only because it would get the girl thinking that this guy must not need her, so she is more intrigued by him.

  • I personally don't agree with it, but... Who knows!? Does it matter? Just do whatever works for you :)

  • kinda but only for short term, not for long term

    so he's good for a fling, but nothing else


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  • Well since the theory states that if 10 guys treat a woman like a queen, and the 11th guy doesn't give a crap, then he gets the girl, but what if the first guy didn't give a crap, the theory would be false, because she would automatically go for the guy who doesn't treat her like a queen. So instead of being the 11th guy to not give a damn, why not be the first guy that doesn't give a damn?

    • It's not about not giving a dam its about being all over a girl because their are girls everywhere just as cute. You must have read a different artical..