Trying to get better with girls?

Okay what should I do to after getting a date with a girl. It is like my relationships never go anywhere, what can I do to actually either get a relationship or possibly get laid no strings attached (without coming off as an jerk)?


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  • Well I think you should decide right before you go any further WHICH one you want - serious relationship or just flings. Because everything is going to lead from whatever mind set you already have.

    If you're looking for a serious relationship, get to know the girl. Make your dates in settings where you can talk (dinner is good, but something casual like coffee or a hookah bar or the park is good). Ask questions, tell her about yourself...basically, make a connection that's going to lead somewhere deeper.

    If you're looking for flings, just be honest. There's plenty of girls out there looking for the same thing. To find a fling, go to clubs and bars. I'm not saying EVERYONE there is looking to screw around, but the majority are. When you meet a girl, you'll know if she's down for it if you can get her to kiss/make out with you that first night you meet her. When it gets the point of taking her home or vise-versa, tell her that you just want to be honest and you're not in the market for anything serious, you just want to have clean, safe fun with a girl, nothing deep. If she's into it, she'll go for it.

  • go to a party and get drunk

    or a club. your call


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