Should I even try with him?

I dated this guy a while back then stopped. He had a new girlfriend for about 7 months then they broke up. I didn't wanna automatically jump into something with him and be a rebound. They broke up in May, and he and I started dating at the end of October. We ended up having sex like three days ago. But we also sat and talked and laughed about everything for like an hour. Brothers, school, etc. I thought he was gonna drop me to be honest lol but 2 days later I got a random text that asked if I had seen his chains in his room. I thought that was weird lol. I texted him yesterday and he was being real standoffish. Should I try something with him?


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  • you should try something with him...being distant after hookups often mean bad things for the relationship, seemingly a fling rather than something with potential to go somewhere...also, remember that people typically need at least 6 months to transition from a breakup, usually longer with other factors considered


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