Is there something wrong with me?

I haven't really dated much and I've kinda been wondering why.

Well, for starters, I'm rather short. I'm a little over 5 "1 and in high school, but I think I'm done growing. I'm Asian, but I've been told I look a little mixed, and I'm also tan. Not fake tan, I'm naturally tan, always have been. I've got straight shoulder length hair and big brown eyes. I'm told by all my friends that I look "cute" and guys have hit on me before, but they don't ever ask me out or anything.

As for my personality, I'm a bit crazy. I like to have fun, but I don't hook up all the time. I also love hanging out with the guys. It's just really chill and there isn't the drama of hanging out with girls. But I'm actually really girly at the same time.

So does something there turn guys off? Please help :)


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  • A guy should like you for who you are. Don't change yourself, you seem fine to me. I'm half asian. It doesn't matter with height, texture of hair, skin colour etc. A guy should admire you, just for you. Don't think too much about features etc.. it just leads to a lot of worries that you shouldn't be stressing about. It isn't strange for a girl to not be dated for a while. Sometimes things happen. The right time will come when you date more regularly again like you wanted. Maybe go out more often, look available and just mingle with a lot of people for more chances.

    • a turn-off maybe being too self conscious about image? just try to feel great for who you are and what you bring out. Just bring the best in you and someone will come along, I'm sure

  • You're being neurotic. You're too young to be thinking this way. Just keep loving yourself and it'll happen for you, promise :)

    However, I HIGHLY suggest you reconsider thinking of girls as having "drama". It is REALLY important for a girl to have girlfriends. Trust me, hanging out with guys (or being one of the boys) is fun, but those friendships hardly ever last beyond highschool/ college days. Guys say: "bros before hoes", shouldn't you, as a girl, think the same way about your girls?

    • I do have close girl friends, its just easier with the guys. Like I have sleepovers and go shopping with them all the time. I'm a girly girl, and I do put them first, but its just easier with guys, you know?