I'm extremely upset and losing my best friend?

Alright well long story...

So (this is anonymous but I am a guy) I crushed on this girl who I got upset about and I went to this other girl for help. She helped me through it and we have been best friends ever since. Then I was dating someone else who cheated on me.. And I felt like killing myself. So my best friend again helped me through it. We were as close as you can get and I love her (in a friendly way) and vice versa and we used to hang out all the time. Then we went to different schools.. And her phone got stolen so we barely talk and when we do it feels different. I don't know why.. I feel horrible saying it but I feel like I am losing her. And I need her and I sound like a loser but I've got nobody to tell so ... HELP


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  • Well of course you feel like you're losing her - you went to always having her there and being together to not being able to talk to her anymore. Visit her as often as possible - tell her that since you guys don't get to talk anymore, write her letters (which I'm assuming either she doesn't have internet or is not a computer person because otherwise you'd be able to email or IM on a regular basis). It doesn't matter HOW you communicate, just do whatever you can to increase it.

    Most importantly though - let her know how you feel...put her on the same page as you so she can make the same effort to communicate back :). Good luck sweetie!

    • Thanks for the support.. I'm trying don't get me wrong but were both always busy (her with practicing for a play and me with family takin me everywhere) so I feel bad

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