Should I be offended if he doesn't text me on his vacation?

So me and this guy have been talking/hanging out for the past two weeks straight (though, I'm not really sure if he actually wants a relationship). He's going away for the week and couldn't really hang before he left. but he did text the night before he left.

So while he is on his vacation, should I be offended if he doesn't call/text at least once to see what's up with me? If not the first day, what's the normal amount a guy would text to show that he is interested?


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  • Don't be offended.

    He's on vacation, he's not going to be monitoring his phone every minute!

    Maybe he doesn't have service, maybe his battery died... or maybe his parents just told him to put the phone away. Just because he's not texting you doesn't mean he's not interested... let him go and have fun on his vacation, and you can meet up with him when he gets back.


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