I texted her yesterday but she hasn't replied back. What do I do next? I don't want to lose her!

So I texted with a "Hello [name] how are you?" and then she didn't reply back to me! Also she hasn't replied to her facebook friends in like a month. Could she be avoiding me? Or do you think she might be having a hard time? By the way, exams have just finished (like 5 days ago) so maybe she needs a break?

About a month ago I texted her and she seemed enthusiastic! Like she would text back with ^_^ and =P. I really don't know what's going on! Should I text her again? What happens if she doesn't text back to that?

Maybe I should call her? But I think my voice sounds weird on the phone! I want to watch a movie with her! I've known her for 2 years now, how come she is suddenly cold? I never did anything wrong. I am frustrated now! But I don't want to lose her! I always had and still have a crush on her since the start! And I really want a relationship now

So if I text her:

What should I text her? And how long should I wait until I send another text or call her?

If I call her:

What should I say when I call her?

Thank you!

Should I just call her? When is the best time? And what if she doesn't answer?! How long do I have to wait until I call her again?


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  • you just texted her today so why don't you wait til tomorrow. Maybe her phone is just off or something else happened?!

    If she doesn't reply to her facebook friends at all than I don't think she has a problem with you but soehting else is up or she just wasn't in fb for a month?

    i would say if you really like her then text her asking if everything is okay cause you noticed she's been weird lately. And seriously every voice sounds weird on the phone so don't be embarrassed.

    good luck :)


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