To call or not to call?

i was talking with my guy friend the other day (I like him and I'm pretty sure he likes me) and we were making plans to hang out after I get back from my aunts house during the conversation he tells me 4 times time call him the next day so we can get together then when I call him he doesn't anwer-his mashine is full (it always is) I really needed to leave a message so I txt him but he never calls back-for a boy so desperate for me to call him- he doesn't do a very good job at anwering his cell : /

so what does this mean should I back off or try calling him (2 days later)


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  • If it's clear that you've tried to contact him I'd cool off and let him call you back. Maybe drop a text saying 'tried to call, hope ur ok.' but after that leave it to him. There maybe a genuine reason why he hasn't got back to you, but if it's some sort of 'test' (some guys really do that!) you've shown your keeness but now put the ball in his court, remain aloof and not desperate. Good luck.

  • ok he probably does want you to call or he would not had said it at all.much less he wouldn't have said it 4 times. He could have just not even mentioned for you to call him. Anytime a guy says to call him for something then he usually means it since they don't have to say anything. Lay low for a while and see if he comes around by either sending you a text or calling you. Maybe your text didn't go through or he didn't get it. Guys don't really worry about texting or calling people back it's like nothing to them. If you want you can send him another text saying, "Hope you are doing ok." or something. Just don't push it till you become annoying or desparate looking. If he likes you he will either text or call you. Give him time. Guys are so carefree when it comes to calling, texting, and making/keeping plans.