He has canceled 2 dates, should I dish it back?

I recently starting dating this guy (we're both 25) about 4 weeks ago. We've been on about 7 dates but he has canceled 2 of our dates. Once because he wasn't feeling well, and the other because he was tired from a long work day. It's been a week since we've been on a date but today he asked me to go on a date with him tomorrow. Well, I don't want him to think I'm a pushover and he can cancel whenever he wants and I'll still be there every time. So should I dish it back and cancel on him?


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  • that's pretty petty. he'll either realize you did it as revenge and think you're a bitch, or you might drive him away by not being available. by all means, go ahead, though.

    • I see what you're saying but here's where I get confused...why is it OK for him to do that to me twice? Shouldn't he also be concerned that it will drive me away?

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    • Well, here's an update. I didn't cancel. I went out with him and things went really well until last night. He said he was going to call me but he never did, so I went out with my friends to a bar. And guess who shows up...him. He said hello then walked away and didn't talk to me again all night. He ended up leaving the bar without saying goodbye. My friends left with some guys, so I called my guy to ask him for a ride home and he told me to take a taxi. WTF?

    • kind of a jerk

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  • Sometimes it's near impossible for others to live up to our expectations. Either our expectations of them are unrealistically high, or their desire to satisfy our expectations is is lower than our need for them to be fulfilled.


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  • No. Don't stoop to his level and play those little games