A guy dates and tells you he is breaking with his girlfriend. How long for him to get over her?

I'm with a guy who is breaking up with his girlfriend in favor of me today and I don't know how much space he'll need. His been with his now ex-gf for 2 years and had been considering breaking for a yr. The relationship wasn't intimate (I DIDN'T ASK I WAS TOLD) I feel that he isn't as attached as he could have been but unsure of how much time I should give him. We've been together for a week and can't seem to get enough of each other.

(ME 18, HIM 20)

Fellas how long if you'd been in this circumstance would you need?

Gals thoughts welcome too.


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  • Was he cheating on her with you, if so, you may want to call it quits, once a cheater, always a cheater...

    • Yeah the bastard tried to get it on with my sister to no avail not much later.

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  • I would be very careful. You are walking on eggshells right now and could possibly either be the rebound, or worse, someone he likes but not someone who will mean as much as his ex. Give it time, let him show you when he's ready. Don't let him confuse lust for love.

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