I'm about to give up dating him. Confusing guy behavior?

I have been dating a bloke who's only a year and 20 days older than I am. We see once or twice every week. Things are okay but I'm sure they could be better if he really wanted to be serious about us. One thing that bothers me is that he still doesn't want to tell me his age (I already know) but he just won't tell me. First time I asked him, he said he was "old enough not to answer that type of question". That was when we started dating in august. I 'd joke about it and say "how am I supposed to give you a b day present if I don't know your b day?". he replies " there in lies the dilemma." Why can't he just tell me his age? does this mean he doesn't see a future with me?

Last week, I had asked him to be open with me as I want to know him better and he said okay. I think he tried his best when he told me (without asking him) about never knowing his dad because he had passed away before he was born. I thought that was sweet and I didn't want to push it so I didn't egg him on.

I like him and he is very gentle with me when we are together but when we are not, he doesn't even call me. he only sends me text (I wouldn't mind if it were 50% texts and 50% calls) and it's only when I text him. We went out to dinner the night before he had to fly home for Thanksgiving and he asked me about 4 times through out the night if I would miss him and yet, he hasn't even sent me one text or a phone call since last wed. I'm so confused by him I'm not an insecure person but when two people are in a relationship, one would think they would want to get to know each other better, no? . Gosh, I haven't even met his friends. Can anyone give me some insight on this. I'm about to give up dating him.


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  • if you already know his age...stop asking him

    don't ask questions to which you already know the answer. You know his age, that should be good enough

    Unless you catch him cheating, his behavior is just how he is. Not all guys are chatterboxes, not all guys want to talk 24/7


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