How to create an advantage!?

i've been on a date with this sweet guy about 3 times, but I'm into taking it slow and more relationship less fling, the problem is one of my friends is very pissed at me and has started hitting on him, he's not being neutral on either way which makes it hard, she's very easy and puts out straight up... I'm a little worried that this will persuade him as he is 16... I don't want to be jealous or controlling its just not me... how could I possibly get this girl nicely to leave everyone alone... ( I know she's only interested in him to take a stab at me for being hurt... I do like this guy so I am worried...( and of course if they slept together that's it.. for me and him..


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  • Straight up tell him you like him and what she's doing. If he listens then yay if not and he goes and f***s the girl then it wasn't meant to be and you can do better.

  • tell him how you feel go out with him even more be like a girl.SHOW HIM SOMETHING THAT THE OTHER GIRL DOESNT HAVE also if you want show little more skin or wear yoga pants or something etc etec


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