Should I just give up or hang in there?

So me and this girl have been "talking" since August and things are OK really we get along good we don't see each other as much as I would like because we live and hour and forty five min apart but other than that things WERE fine now I'm now I'm not so sure like I said we have been "talking" since august and at first I was fine with it because she said she needed time because she had just gotten out of year long relationship with her ex but now that its almost December I'm starting to wonder if we will ever be more than just "talking" what do you guys think (and I also might add that this is the third time we have tried to date and obviously it never worked before) things just seem like they are going backwards instead of forward now she used to text me at the very least twice a day to tell me she missed me now I'm lucky if she says it once a week we used to spend every weekend together since we live apart but its been almost two weeks since we have stayed together because she says she's been busy with work but then at times you would think she loves me or something by the way that she acts I guess basically my question is do you think I should hang in there or give up the fight its been almost five months but according to her we are not even dating yet


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  • I think you should talk to her- see how she's feeling. I'll be honest with you, unless something bad happens between her and her ex, she is going to think about him... a lot...even if you two happen to start dating.

    Let her know that you aren't going to be waiting around forever. Good luck!

    • Well I mean he cheated on her more than once and he was very mean to her she talks about him being a whiny little girl all the time and how controlling he was I mean I'm not an expert but it sounds like maybe she might really not like him anymore but I know I could be wrong most of the time I am

    • From a girls perspective, to my friends I would complain about what someone does wrong more than praise what they do right. Clearly they broke up for a reason... whether it be the cheating or something else... but still something is obviously holding her back from moving on.

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