Is he playing me? I don't understand what we're doing

I've been seeing this guy for almost a year now. We started out as a winter fling, but he came back for me during summer. He had friends with benefits before winter but when he came back he said he stopped fooling around and that it was because of me he stopped. But he had also said that he didn't want to be in a relationship. Being said, after a few weeks we grew closer together and we became more intimate (sex) both our first time. He left again and is coming back for winter (left, as in went back to college). He tells me he misses me and such. I don't understand what we are. Is he playing me? Are we a couple without the label? I don't understand what we are doing.

Lol, the lack of answers makes me worried.


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  • FWB

    • So I'm a f*** buddy.

    • you use "fling", this relationship transpired out of timing and situation, which was circumstantially short...he's experienced with FWB so it's a part of his habit, think of it as an alcoholic...if you can only be together during the winters, then that's just a relationship of convenience, still FWB, but on the lesser extreme

    • I see, thanks for the input.

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