Does reputation matter when it comes to actually dating not only sleeping with that person?

To be honest, I care about reputation of the guys that I date. I hate guys that would write to me dirty stuff, I despise that! I would like to date someone maybe not very much experienced in the "bedroom" but experienced with conjuring the girl. Because, quite frankly it doesn't happen very often in nowadays.

Do you guys care about girls' reputation? To what extent? If you heard that the girl you are dating has not much or no experience in sex but is an amazing girl would you still give it a try?

Ladies, would you date that stereotypical guy that is "casanova"? if yes, why so? it's upsetting that there are less and less gentlemen that would actually conquer and win the girl's heart. I'm sucha a cheeseball, but think about.


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  • I care about what I learn from the girl, not from what everyone tells me. You will find out more about someone from getting to know them personally.


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