What are the little things?

I'm sure we've all heard when it comes to relationships, "it's the little things that matter", but no one told me what "the little things" are.


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  • The little things... like when I screw up a dinner I spent 3 hours preparing... he says it was delicious anyway so I don’t feel horrible

    Like when I’m having an awful night and just want to run away, he shows up at midnight just to hug and hold me and get me through it

    Like that time he slept over and woke up at 6am to drive me out of town so I didn’t miss my daughter’s dance competition

    Or yesterday, when he knew I was horribly sick and dropped off a gift bag of Gatorade, gravol, Pepto Bismal and a Get Well Card, which is what I did for him when he was sick with this

    Like when you have a busy day and know you won’t see him so he comes to pick you up just to have an hour with you that day

    Like when he never fails to text you good night and good morning

    Like when he knows you’re working a night shift and he calls you to make sure you woke up so you’re not late.

    The little things


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  • When you’re feeling sick and she treats you like a baby. Things of that nature.


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  • for me, it's just showing that they care about me to put the effort in - and that's not something that can be bought with money.

  • "Little Things" by One Direction. That'll answer your question.


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