Why is he hanging on?

we started out as friends 25yrs ago,we talked now and then through the years.so anyway we hooked up 2yrs ago and he proposed to me, we were to be married within a year. five months into engagement he left me for another woman. the relationship with her last a year and through out he kept in contact with me. I wanted nothing to do with him, but he kept texting an calling telling how regretful he was.Now that he's no longer seeing the other girl he tells me he wants to take his time with me an maybe in the future we can get back together. what is he really after?


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  • Ooh, this is an ugly situation :(. That sucks sweetie, I'm sorry to hear that, especially after being friends for SO LONG. Bottom line - he doesn't know what he wants. It's ALWAYS going to be an emotional rollercoaster with him. Stay faaaaaaar away from this one!

    • Thank's so much for your comments girls. I needed to hear this unbiased reality check. He called me today needing help as always. I'm to nice to keep wishing on Mr. don't know what he wants.

  • yeah he sounds like drama. I think you should stay away.