So what do we do from here?

So this girl I really like texted me tonight and said she likes me, which is awesome and I told her that it was mutual. Thing is, we won't be seeing each other for another week and a half (we met before, though, plenty of times), and right now it's like nothing has changed. Just talking over MSN as we always do, it's kinda awkward?

What would be the right thing to do, just wait for the time to pass or?


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  • The fact is its not awkward,and also if you both were 2 be seeing each other everyday which is awesome,.there will come a time when you d get enough of it,.so I d say you just wait 4 d while,.u can just pass out time hanging out with other friends,play games,MSNing or you GAG which z fun too, b4 she gets back then you both would get along 4rm where you stoped...have fun ;-)