Guys, What do you think about dating a girl the appears almost emotionless most of the time?

I speak very little and rarely show emotion because most of the time I don't feel anything. I have learned this might be due to a mild case of Schizophrenia. This has been keeping me from a relationship because last year I began going into a light stage of audio delusions meaning it has gotten worst. My illness has a chance of making me believe that someone is in love with me when they are not which will make me too attached; this has already occurred once. I was wondering if guys would be able to deal with this if I begin seeking help. Would you go out with a girl like me?

  • Yeah, we could make it work. It might even make our bond stronger.
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  • No, I wouldn't be able to deal with that
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  • Crazy isn't my cup of tea
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I do show emotion at times but I feel it stronger then most. So, when I do feel it it is very obvious and can be annoying to some people. But, with some people I don't feel nothing but I don't feel too strongly. This is usually family and friends.


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  • the only way your case would work is if the person you think loves you, actually does...that's the only way for your A choice to work out

    • I don't think anyone loves me. I don't even allow myself to have crushes on boys anymore. I'm just talking about having a casual relationship and figuring it out from there.

What Girls Said 1

  • omw I'm in the exact same boat as you, I think that if my crush looks at me, its because he likes me! And I keep getting signs like it was ment to be like we were waiting at the car park just me and him and I start thinking it happend for a reason that were ment to be together, every simple thing I can make it seem so much more to me! Its sucks I know how you feel am curently being tested for bipolar or schitzophrenia. Good luck though I hope you the best! You do derserve boys just as much as anyone else though so don't give up there's someone out there for everyone! xx