What to text when I want to hang out with her?

I am sure we both like each other and want to spend some more time with her. I wanted to text her and ask her to hang out someplace at school before I had class. Last time I asked her if she was in the cafeteria and dint respond to that, I think she was writing an essay. Anyway should I be more forward and just say "come hang out in the cafeteria"? Or some other place.

she flirts a lot in person but not vary responsive over texts or facebook so far


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  • When she's flirting with you in person, you just need to go for it right THEN. Tell her "hey, would you be up to hanging out?" or if there's a place that serves food at school, just tell her something like "hey, wanna go get a bite?" and go from there!

    • thank you, I will try that. I just don't get why she is so intent flirting in person (she turns bright red at my glance) but not so online or when we text, I understand people get busy, but could my luck be that bad. Basically wouldn't flirting normally extend to text too?

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