How do I tell him that I like him?

So I met a guy during the third week of college. We talk and hang out but I am starting to like him more then a friend. How do I let him know that I like him? Guys, How can you tell when a girl likes you? From experience and what I've heard you can be pretty clueless. Can you tell if a girl likes you?

If you don't like her back, what do you do?


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  • Guys are only clueless because girls substitute head games for communication. The logical way to tell him that you like him would be to tell him that you like him. As a female, though, I'm sure that's far too simple. Instead you'll try a million different subtle hints and contrived tests, then condemn him for thinking you're weird instead of magically figuring out the rules of your game and sweeping you off your feet like you live in a romance novel.

    If you really like this guy, have some mercy and just tell him for gods sake.

  • Are you wanting to make the first move? Usually it's the men who do this, but maybe he is shy?

    It all depends. Girls are confusing. Usually the signs are, they smile when they see you, want to be around you, will always say yes to hang out, and if they look at your lips.

    If I don't like her back, that's a tricky situation, and I'd have to go into super long detail about that. But I'm tired :P

    • No I am not making the first move I just want him to know that I like him. I prefer when guys make the first move as well. Girls are no where near as confusing as guys are haha. We're so simple.

    • You think so :P

      Ok well if you want him to make the first move, do not tell him you like him.

      Go ahead and get past the touch barrier ( if you haven't already )

      Try to lead him on, if you go somewhere, don't bring a jacket, then you can ask for his

      This needs a females point of view, I can only give you so much at this point.

    • You are helpful. I have asked my girl friends and their advice sucks. Thanks for the tips though. I will have to try that.

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