Should I text him or not after all this?

I used to work with this really nice guy, we would talk at work and would flirt a little. I liked him, but was never entirely sure of if he liked me or if he even got that I like him or was just being nice. We have text in the past (maybe like 1 year or so ago) and we are facebook friends. I have previously made moves I considered kinda embarrassing and that is why I stopped, kind of the "while I was ahead" mentality. I text him once happy birthday because I thought facebook said it was his birthday, but it wasn't and I wrote on his facebook wall because I got an email saying he wrote something on mine only to find out he then deleted it... It was just him teasing me over something, but then I had to explain what happened I got the email, and he just said he was drinking and wrote on a lot of walls then deleted them. I was afraid I was coming off as a real facebook creep so I gave up and haven't' really heard much of anything from him.

My question is I would like to be friends, hang out, or get a chance to know him more, but should I just give up after all this and since a lot of time has passed and I already have done a few things I'm not sure what he thought about them? Or would a random text/facebook message be okay? Maybe since I know he is home from school for thanksgiving, just a quick "hey if your still home this weekend we will probably be out, you should come. :)" Yay or nay?


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  • I get the feeling that he may be attached. Not sure why. Did he ever mention a significant other? And if you have been friends and texting for a yr, it should not be a problem saying hi on his facebook. That's what friends do. I have a feeling your gut is telling you something. My advice hun is always follow your gut. It will never steer you wrong.

    If you wanna text him to see what's up for the weekend, I say go for it. See what happens. See if he responds to you.

    Good luck girlfriend