Why do guys tell you to text them, then totally ignore you the day they told you to contact them?

I have three questions,

Why do guys tell you to text them, then totally ignore you the day they told you to contact them?

Why do guys get with girls who are so high maintenance and are witchy all the time? I was told guys like laid back, video game playing, outdoorsy types.

Really, why do the cookie cutter ditsy cheerleader types always get the guy?


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  • in all fairness, girls do the same thing.

    You tried, and he didn't respond. It takes two. Move on. Let him go after you.

    Many human say one thing and do another.

    • Haha I suppose it's true. If I say I'm going to call, I do though. If I can't, I text and tell my reason the next day. I hate mind games like that.

      Eh, thanks. :)

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  • 1st one : your generalizing this ... but the truth is a lot of guyz have this thing that they wanna be strong nd tough nd confidence... so they think not answerin bak is cool... nd that they're strong... or at least they feel as if they're being in control of the relationship...

    2nd one : guyz like high maintenance girls becoz they're a challenge to them nd again here you can't really generalize its jst that we like challenges...

    3rd one : it's jst that a stereotype that's been built up through the ages that cheerleaders are the best ...

  • It seems that you are frustrated.

    1. So that you will think about them

    2. Guys go for looks before personality

    3. Guys go for looks before personality

    • The good girls seem to send the good guys to the curb, and the good guys seem to send the good girls to the curb...

      but it seems (not all the time, but usually) all the Shallow guys keep the great girls and the Great guys keep the shallow girls.

      It just confuses me that's all, we say we want one thing, but we go after another, it's ludacris. XD

    • 1. True

      2. No, I like to think that I mostly dont

      3. No, I like to think that I mostly dont.

    • Well, maybe not you, but most guys do.

  • Yes, I agree with MintyFresh. I gave my number out a bunch of times to different "friends" of mine and never got anything whatsoever. All I can think is "SAD FOR YOU!"

  • This guy has got you thinking about him so it does work.

    If he text you straight back saying you are the best thing that ever happened to him and that he so desires you to give him the chance to prove he can be a better guy; you would think you were too good for him wouldn't you?

    • noooooooo, sometimes they just want to make you confused and angry..

    • Not all girls think that. If a girls attracted to a guy, they don't want the run around. If I was attracted to a guy and he said that, I'd think he was too good for ME. Chivalry and Romance is on life support these days. Only old men and (few) young men have it these days..even the girls are getting rude and sloppy..

  • Don't text...call him on the phone


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  • Some guys like girls who are cute but difficult or perhaps just difficult with other girls. Some guys like laid back girls. I think you have one guy you like who may not be as in to you as you are in to him. Move on so you can free yourself up for the guy who really wants you.

  • Off of experience, and the fact that ALL my friends are guys... =P

    1.) If a guy really wants to contact you, he will. Some guys dread talking on the phone, if he wants you, he's going to make DAMN sure he'll at least send a text. The guy I'm talking to now is always busy with college, his frat, working, out of time, etc. However, he'll always text back..not we aren't a couple.

    2.) I'm a pretty hard-core gamer and I've seen other chicks who are so well, so I'm pretty sure of this one. Most girls (of course not all) who play games aren't the most aesthetically pleasing, may be socially awkward, and have traits that are more guy-ish than girl-ish. A proper balance of the well-maintained/outgoing chick wins anything.

    3.) They do? I guess in movies.

    All in all, a guy wants a girl. Natural beauty beats augmented beauty any day, but you still need some type of appeal to even win the race.

  • 1. Playing games

    2. Not true. Guys like girly girls

    3. Because they're flirty

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