He asked me to go for coffee....

I recently added an old fling from 8 years ago into my facebook.. he messaged me right away, then asked to meet for coffee.. now he is texting all day...everyday..And we have not met up yet...I'm not sure how to read this...HELP LOL


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  • Obviously, he's had a crush on you in the past. I suggest you talk more before you meet up, because meeting will only make the feelings stronger ( for him at least ).

    • makes sense!

      he totally creeped my facebook too! I didn't tell him about my daughter and he had mentioned her to me.. and still wants to see me..

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    • def not madly in love... I thought he was a player! but I am totally seeing a deifferent side..this is why I am confused!

    • As I said, give him a shot, talk to him first, then decide if you'd like to meet up. Meeting each other could be too fast too soon.

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  • He probably really wants to see you.


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  • It's been a while since you two have seen each other, he's probably very anxious to catch up on everything and see you. That or, maybe he has a little crush on you? ;) Too soon to tell.

    • we did grow up together.. but I totally thought he was a player.. and now I am seeing a different side..

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