How do I ask to hang out with him at the party?

it's a staff Christmas party. A man I met the other day, who I think may be interested in me(?), asked if I was going to the party and then tried to convince me to go when I said I didn't know.

When I said I didn't know anyone going he said that I knew him.

I'd really like to spend at least some of the time with him, we get on really well, so how do I go about asking him?

Should I just go up to him whenever I can next and say during general conversation ''who do I buy the ticket for the Christmas party from, I might go, though I'm still not sure because I only know James is going and I don't really want to spend all the time with him'' he would probably reply saying I knew him again, if he did mention himself should I then say ''would you mind keeping me company then?''

but if he didn't mention himself again then what should I say? or should I not say anything I mentioned?



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  • Tell him that ya should justs hangout one day again ..

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