No luck with online dating sites

I've been signed up on a fairly popular online dating website since the early summer. I have photos posted and a pretty complete profile but have not had any luck whatsoever. I send girls messages but none ever respond. I don't just send generic messages either, I always pick several things out of their profile to talk about in the message. Still no luck. Someone mentioned a while back that it could be because I don't quite have a full profile. I leave certain things out like my income range and exactly what I do for a living. I answer the general question about what field I'm in, but that's it. I also don't mention anything about having bought a house or anything like that when I describe myself and what I'm doing. I left those things out on purpose, and even after I was told I should complete that part, I didn't because I'm not quite comfortable with it. Girls, is this a problem for you? I was under the impression that those questions and that kind of information had no impact on whether a girl would respond or not. I'm not even sure why those questions are part of the profile making process. I also notice that some girls don't answer that stuff either. It makes no difference to me whether they fill out that part of the profile or not... I look much harder at things like education and smoking/drinking habits. I thought girls did the same thing. Am I not making a correct assumption?


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  • the thing about online dating sites is that every girl gets 1000 emails from guys. It's because many guys use dating sites as a safe way to talk to girls, but in fact you have much better odds talking to women on the street or in coffee shops. I don't understand why guys are quick to send a girl an email but won't talk to a girl in real life

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