How long does a girl wait to text guy?

When he gave her his number and didn't ask for hers? We spent an hour dancing and flirting at a club Wednesday night and before she left I gave her my number and said if she wants to continue talking to me she has my number.


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  • well, if you just barely met the girl it can go one of two ways if she was drinking, then she possibly won't ever call to be honest maybe she was just flirting because of the time and place and it seemed right idk, orr she was really interested and is just waiting it out so she doesn't seem like some desperate stalker, give it a couple more days and if she doent--then sorry buddy lol good luck

    • She was drinking because she is only 18, and I asked her to dance out of her and all her friends who she thought were prettier than her, but thought she was prettier by a large margin.

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    • Nope, she gave me her cellphone and I typed it in myself.

    • okay good lol then she probably will :) paper gets lost lol

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  • usually if a girl was interested she would give it a couple of days? if she hasn't texted you within a few days, there is a chance that she might never sorry! good luck.

  • the next day


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